Comments from previous Sensing Retreat participants:

Through sensory awareness I have learned to have an intimate dialogue with my process which no longer involves fighting my own true nature.
Helen Reilly

Last year’s retreat was tops in my books.  In all my years attending various workshops, seminars, encounter groups, T-groups and the like…no leader or facilitator has come close to matching the skills, sensitivity, and insight of Lee Lesser.

Allan S. – Educational Consultant

Lee brings an amazing presence to her work that grounds the entire experience in the moment. Her skill in transmitting that experience provided a safe ground from which I could explore what it means to live with an open heart. My life since then has been reverberating with the results. I am forever grateful to her for providing the space and time for that to happen.
Alan Hahn

In the spring, when I first learned about the 5-day Sensory Awareness workshop to be held near Midland, Ontario, I immediately blocked off the time in my calendar. Having met Lee a couple of years previous, I knew that she was a special person. For the months, weeks and then days leading up to the retreat, I sat firmly on the fence, not sure whether a retreat of this nature was where I wanted to invest my money and energy at this time. I finally decided that no, I would not go. Although my decision was made, I was somehow drawn to look at Lee’s website, where I discovered and listened to her dharma talk at the Tassajara Zen Centre. I was so moved by the content and delivery of her talk that I reversed my earlier decision and signed up for the retreat. I am so glad that I did.
Pauline Coogan, Psychotherapist/Counsellor

As a high achiever, I unconsciously  have always been searching for a higher goal and a different place to be.
In a simple experiment in getting up to standing from lying on the floor, Lee woke me up with a gentle reminder that the place of standing up is not a better place than where you are now.
I just realized that the place where I am reaching my goal is not a better place than where I am now
In Lee’s embodying practice, I clearly understood that there is no better place; this moment is the only moment I have to live.
Tracy Chen

When Lee asked me what I would like to change about the retreat, I couldn’t think of anything! I loved the pacing and ample time for meals and interaction with other participants. I appreciated times in silence and times in other activity, and a break in the middle of the retreat for group or individual recreation, contemplation or rest. With Lee’s guidance, the natural setting is so conducive to exploring one’s senses. Sensational!
Bud Tangney, Gestalt Psychotherapist

Sensing enlivens my practice and increases my capacity for self-support in the midst of therapeutic work.  I am more attuned to subtleties of constriction or tension in my clients and in myself.  I am able to bring clients into greater awareness of their habitual tension and the emotional significance of physical constriction.  I end my workdays with energy.
Julia Gotz, Gestalt therapist


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